Krystal Clear™ Sand Filter Pump & Saltwater Pool Chlorine System - 15,000 Gal



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Krystal Clear™ Sand Filter Pump & Saltwater Pool Chlorine System - 15,000 Gal



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Enjoy the same process used in many resorts and in-ground swimming pools to keep your pool sparkling clear with less maintenance!

  • Keeps Water Sparkling Clear!
    • Kills Bacteria*
    • Convenient - Just Add Salt!
    • Reduces Chemical Use
    • Inexpensive to Maintain
  • Hydro Aeration® Technology provides improved circulation and filtration, improved water clarity, and increased negative ions at the water surface
  • Designed for Above Ground Pools from 4,800 to 15,000 Gallon Capacity
  • When the saltwater system is installed, a measured quantity of salt is added and dissolved in the pool water, resulting in a low salt concentration (approx. 3,000 ppm salinity).
  • The built in 24-hour timer adds to the hassle-free experience with maintaining a cleaner pool.
  • The Saltwater System generates a pump flow rate of 2,650 gallons per hour.
  • The result is soft, fresh, clean water
  • 120 lb sand capacity or 85 lb glass filtration media capacity
  • Chlorine output: 11 g/hour
  • 2-year limited warranty

*Escherichia coli CICC 10389 and Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC 9027 tested per NSF/ANSI 50-2017 Annex H.1 Disinfection efficacy of secondary disinfection equipment


WARNING: Reproductive Harm - BPA

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SKU 26675EG 26679EG
Max. Pool Size 8,500 gal 15,000 gal
Ultra XTR Rectangular Frame Pools 24ft x 12ft 32ft x 16ft
Tank Size 14in 16in
hp 0.3 0.75
Pump Flow Rate 1,600 gal/hr 2,650 gal/hr
System Flow Rate 1,500 gal/hr 2,150 gal/hr
Sand Capacity 77lb 120lb
Glass filtration Media Capacity 55lb 85lb
Chlorine Output 7g/hr 11g/hr

Krystal Clear™ Sand Filter Pump & Saltwater Pool Chlorine System - 15,000 Gal Reviews

(Based on 5 reviews)

  • 5
    Works great

    Posted by Flores on Jun 19th 2021

    "This was an upgrade to the pump I received with my pool. More powerful crystal clear water & easy to use. Love it fun in the sun"

  • 2
    Great until it dies

    Posted by Michael S on Jun 15th 2021

    "Great product that we used for few months last year. We started it up this year and everything seemed to be fine until the first storm (the filter was off at that time). Even though the filter is under the roofed area, the water has made its way to the pump and after drying it for three days in a row it started but the display is gone. Intex crew is not responding to my inquires. Moral of the story - keep your filter covered and out elements, because it is not sealed."

  • 5
    Pool filter

    Posted by Joe orsino on Jun 10th 2021

    "Excellent pump thanks "

  • 4
    krystal salt system

    Posted by scott norris on May 28th 2021

    "would have gave it a 5/5 but should come with adapter for standard pool plumbing (skimmer )"

  • 5
    Easy peasy

    Posted by Reagan J Yuke on May 28th 2021

    "Super easy setup. (although the instructions can be quite intimidating.) Pool is running well :) "

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SKU: 26679EG

Weight: 63.34 LBS

Voltage: 110-120V (W/ GFCI)

Pump flow rate: 2,650 gal/hr

System flow rate: 2,150 gal/hr

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