Spa Water: Sanitation & Maintenance
- Quick Guide

Maintaining correctly balanced and sanitized water in your spa through appropriate use of sanitizers and other chemicals is the single most important factor in maximizing the life and appearance of the spa tub as well as ensuring good hygiene, and water that is clean, healthy and safe. First, you need to start with good, properly balanced water and then regularly check and keep the spa water sanitized and balanced.

To ensure proper spa water quality follow these procedures

  • All users should shower before entering the spa.

  • When the spa is not in use, cover the spa with the spa cover.

  • Inspect & Clean the Filter Cartridge(s) from every day to once a week, and change the filter cartridge as needed. A dirty filter cartridge can restrict the flow of water into the system and cause E90 error code.*

  • Change the spa water when it remains cloudy even with proper water chemistry. Generally, water will need to be replaced according to: spa gallons divided by three, and then divided by the average number of users per day, i.e. if there are two users per day in a 210-gallon 4-person spa, the water should be replaced every 35 days.

  • Use the chemical floater dispenser (if included) to administer chlorine [chemical tablet size: less than 1" (2.5cm) diameter] into the spa water. Add 1 tablet into the dispenser. Always follow the chemical manufacturer’s directions. Remove the chemical floater dispenser when the spa is in use. Never let chlorine come in contact with the spa tub if it is not completely dissolved.

  • For spa with Saltwater Sanitizer function schedule the sanitation function to operate once a day. If the spa is not in use, 3 hours should be sufficient. If being used regularly, you should run the system for 5 to 8 hours per day.

* Depending on the frequency of use of the spa and quality of the spa water.