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10914, Step

This item exceeds 150LBS. A local trucking company (LTL) will be required to deliver this item. [Click here] for more information.

Compatible with: 28056E, 28057, 28057E, 28058, 28058E, 28059, 28059E, 28301TT, 28303RP, 28303SR, 28309EH, 28317CA, 28317EH, 28317W, 28321EH, 28323CA, 28323EH, 28327EH, 28331CA, 28331EH, 28335EH, 28337EH, 28341W, 28343EH, 28345VM, 28345W, 28351EH, 28351W, 28361CA, 28361EH, 28361W, 28365EH, 28371CA, 28371EH, 28375EH,...

3-Ply Material
SKU: 10914
Weight: 0.75 LBS

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Posted by Richard Coffey on Jul 24th 2019

The step is exactly as described. Unfortunately the hardware that holds the step in place is NOT included so a wasted order was done. There isn’t a part number for the retaining portion that the step mounting pins secure to the step.

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