11070, Strainer Connector for 1-1/4in Fitting
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SKU: 11070

11070, Strainer Connector for 1-1/4in Fitting

This item exceeds 150LBS. A local trucking company (LTL) will be required to deliver this item. [Click here] for more information.

Compatible with: 26165EH, 26167EH, 26175EH, 26183MW, 26191CA, 26191EH, 26193EH, 26301T, 26303EH, 26309EH, 26321EH, 26323CA, 26323EH, 26331CA, 26331EH, 26335EH, 26337EH, 26341W, 26343EH, 26345W, 26351EH, 26351W, 26361CA, 26361EH, 26361W, 26365EH, 26371CA, 26371EH, 26375EH, 26719MW, 26719W, 26733EH, 26735EH, 26739MW,...

3-Ply Material
SKU: 11070
Weight: 0.07 LBS

11070, Strainer Connector for 1-1/4in Fitting Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

11070, Strainer Connector

Posted by Tim on Aug 15th 2019

Purchased 3 of these , they are an exact fit . $5 shipping wasn't out of bounds due to item only $2 each, other retailers would have had to pay upwards of $13 per connector plus shipping!

Worked great

Posted by Jeannie on Jul 7th 2019

Exactly what I needed, price was right but shipping was too high

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