12369, Adjustable Pool Inlet Jet Nozzle



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12369, Adjustable Pool Inlet Jet Nozzle



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Compatible with: 26175EH, 26193EH, 26301T, 26303EH, 26321EH, 26323CA, 26323EH, 26331CA, 26331EH, 26335EH, 26337EH, 26341W, 26345W, 26351EH, 26351W, 26361CA, 26361EH, 26361W, 26365EH, 26371CA, 26371EH, 26375EH, 26381EH, 26739MW, 26739W, 26751EH, 26751W, 26761EH, 26765EH, 28253EH, 28345VM, 28633EG, 28673EG, 28675EG, ...

12369, Adjustable Pool Inlet Jet Nozzle Reviews

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  • 3
    not as good as original style

    Posted by RANDY ALBERTSON on Apr 7th 2022

    "not as good as original style"

  • 5
    Works Great

    Posted by Melissa on Aug 5th 2021

    "It works exactly as intended. It adjusts to direct the flow of water where we want it, and the little holes make the water disperse better than just an open hole."

  • 5

    Posted by Mike Rankin on Jul 8th 2021


  • 4
    • 12369, Adjustable Pool Inlet Jet Nozzle

    Posted by Chris Derrick on Jun 17th 2021

    "This is well built and works as advertised. I had to replace mine because my dog chewed on the first one."

  • 5
    Pool inlet nozzle

    Posted by Paul on Mar 24th 2021

    "Good product good delivery "

  • 5
    12369 nozzle

    Posted by Joel on Aug 2nd 2019

    "works awesome! Intex stuff is a super value. shipping took something like 2 weeks though. but hey, it got here intact and fit like a glove. as long as you do some research you too can use this to raise your pool's PH for a whole lot less than the chemical approach. and this has no awkward side effects. "

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