Ultra XTR® Frame Above Ground Pool w/ Sand Filter Pump - 18' x 52"



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Ultra XTR® Frame Above Ground Pool w/ Sand Filter Pump - 18' x 52"



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Enhance your backyard this summer with the Intex® Ultra XTR™ Frame pool that features beautiful blue tile print and elegant graphite exterior. Have an amazing time with family and friends with the spacious pool. This top-of-the-line above ground pool combines high-quality with style offering ease of ownership so that your pool time is truly fun time. It comes with a 2-year warranty on pool liner, frame and filter pump.

  • Includes all of the components you need: Pool, Ladder, Cover and Krystal Clear™ Filtration and Sanitation system
  • Powerful water filtration with included 110-120V Krystal Clear™ Sand Filter Pump (pump flow rate: 2,100 Gph) with Hydro Aeration® Technology for easy maintenance
  • Powerful protection against rust combining strong galvanized steel with advanced inner and outer powder coating
  • An innovative steel frame design that optimizes shape and weight distribution for enhanced strength and durability
  • Composite T-Joints precisely engineered for strength, metal frame protection and easy assembly: the Easy lock System™ that simply snaps together – no tools required
  • A tough 3-Ply liner with high puncture- and tear resistance
  • Approximate set-up size: 18ft X 52in
  • Water Capacity: 6,981 gallons
  • Ready for water in 60 minutes
  • Age grade: 6+


WARNING: Reproductive Harm - BPA


Ultra XTR® Frame Above Ground Pool w/ Sand Filter Pump - 18' x 52" Reviews

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  • 5
    Awesome Pool

    Posted by Heather Racca on Jun 21st 2022

    "Let me start by saying, I was shopping for in-ground pools. However, with the quotes I was getting (75-90K) I knew I wouldn't be getting one this summer. So, I started shopping for ground pools and found this one. It has held up like a champ. It says ready for water in 60 minutes... not for us. It did take longer than 60 minutes to get it together. You have to fight a little with it to get the final connection together if you're not careful to get the spacing just right at the other connection points. Once that was done it was a breeze. It does take at least 2 adults to put up. My 12-year-old son and I tried on day 1 and let's just say I had to call for help. On day 2 we had it up and started filling it with water. This is where it helps to have 2 people to smooth out the wrinkles. With one inside the pool on your hands and knees pushing outwards while the other is outside the pool pulling from the bottom. It went smoother and we had ALL the wrinkles out within an hour. My grandkids and kids have both enjoyed it. I would buy this pool again. Best part the kids didn't have to wait another summer to swim. This is a great option if you don't want to finance or pay upwards of 80K for an inground pool right now. It has been super easy to maintain. I did upgrade the pool ladder because the one it comes with didn't feel sturdy enough. I love the sand filter, super easy to clean and it keeps the pool crystal clear. Also, no need for a pool heater here in Texas. Our water has been a constant 90 degrees already. I wish I could purchase a shade that attaches to the pool because we don't have any trees to shade the pool from this Texas heat. I've looked at other shade options, however, it would ne nice to keep everything Intex brand. I did buy the Intex 28005E ZX300 Deluxe Automatic Pool Cleaner and love it. It gets all the grass from the bottom. I also got the Intex 29080E B00GSPHTLY Foot Bath Pool Ladders and it works well in catching the grass from the kiddos feet. Intex I hope you are reading these... Do you see the pattern? All Intex, that is why I wish you all made the canopy shade for my pool. Hint Hint"

  • 5
    First Pool Ever Purchased

    Posted by Evan on Jun 1st 2020

    "This is the first pool we have ever purchased, we are currently renting a home and it had a spot for a pool, it was a pretty easy decision that we should get one. I searched for several weeks on pool reviews and this seemed to be the best option. I then went to trying to find the best possible price as it is a big purchase. I originally was going to purchase from Wal-mart or another online pool store but with COVID they sold out quickly so i went through the Intex website. Very easy to purchase through the website and had confirmation very quickly too. within a day or two had a confirmation email from Intex about shipping, after responding, the next day it shipped through a lite frieght company. The fright charges were pretty hefty (around $300). Shipping company was very friendly and easy to work with. They were an hour late outside of the delivery window but the driver was very apologetic and i was expecting it, just like the cable company. Good size box, but surprising that everything actually was in the box. The biggest pain in setting up the pool was the site itself but that was mainly due to the location it is on our property. Pool set-up itself was easy to do, make sure you level your legs of the pool. I did read the directions several times before set up and we had three people help with set-up. My biggest complaint, would be and it doesn't even relate to Intex, is finding a decent website or set of instructions for the chemical use. There is a lot out there but seems like their is nothing clear cut. Intex has a small section on maintenance of the pool but not much detail. I saw another reviewer discuss the power bill. I have not seen my first power bill yet, but we have run the pump for around 11 hours a day. We did purchase a cleaning kit from Intex off of Amazon. I would say this is a must as there are a lot of debris that falls to the bottom. My next step is to develop a maintenance schedule for the pool. I will also be purchasing a a small water pump to help fully drain as the two drain plugs don't drain the water completely (Had to drain once to reposition the pool on the spot, luckily only a foot of water in the pool). Along with a longer drain hose to drain into a field and not on top of my sump hill. So far I would highly recommend, we hope to get a number of years out of the pool. We do live in the country and so I do plan on purchasing some large totes/plastic bins to help store and keep it safe through the winter. I have heard you can keep the pool up year round but i don't trust the winter or the critters."

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    first time pool owner

    Posted by Stephofeasley on May 13th 2020

    "This is our first experience with an above ground pool, well any pool actually. I am female, 42 years old and I was able to completely assemble it on my own. I took my time and it took me about 6 hours. I have only owned the 18'x52" for about two weeks but this is my experience so far. It took about two weeks for the box to be delivered from the time I ordered it to being delivered. You have to be home when it is delivered and they could not give me a delivery window. They just called me 30 min before they arrived. One large box weighing about 277 lbs was dropped off in my driveway. Because it was so heavy I opened it up from my driveway and used the wheelbarrow to bring the contents around to my backyard. For site preparation I already had a pretty flat yard (level within two inches). I used roundup to kill the grass 19 feet in diameter. I used 2" foam insulation board as the base. I used weatherproof duct tape (in plumbing section of your local hardware store) to tape the seams together. I then used a jigsaw to cut a 18' diameter circle in the foam board. Now it was tie to start assembling the pool. I found I had to use a combination of watching youtube videos and reading the directions. Both on their own are confusing or incomplete but together was just enough info for me. I started putting the frame together. That part was super simple except for attaching the last upper circular supports. I started to panic that I was not strong enough to get the last one connected. Im not going to lie, I had to use me feet to push them apart far enough so they would connect together. This part could definitely use two people. So they pool is assembled and now it was time to assemble the pump/filter. This part I was really nervous about. I was worried about setting it up wrong and there would be leaks, or the motor would sound bad or water would start flooding everywhere. I actually put it together the correct way the first time and it worked perfectly. I bought an extra 2" hose for back washing that would take the water 50 ft away to a ditch on my property. Im glad I did this because my land is pretty flat and I cant just let water come out of the pump for backwashing right next to the pool. I do recommend buying a pool vacuum. I have no trees or anything near the pool but somehow bugs and stuff still gets in it. The pump keeps the water nice and clean but after two weeks I see some stuff that has settled on the bottom that I need to clean out. This is after running the pump daily for 8 hours (5 hours is recommended) and I skim debris off the top about every other day. I thought my electric bill would be really bad running the pump that long, but it isn't bad at all. We have not been able to swim int he pool yet as the water temperature has only been as high as 70 degrees. So far, the temperature it is outside is the same temp the water is. Im wondering when it gets to be 99 degrees here in south carolina if the water will also be 99 degrees. At any rate, we cant wait to go swimming. I was worried this pool would be too small, but it is plenty big and so far we are very happy with it. "

  • 4
    Intex Pool

    Posted by UnreelSkip on May 2nd 2019

    "We are so happy! We had an Intex EZ SET pool for a few years and decided to upgrade. This was easy to install and the pump is A+ so far. Looking forward to many years of fun in this pool. "

  • 5
    Great pool

    Posted by Collin on May 2nd 2019

    "This is an amazing pool!! The pool overall holds up very sturdy and great quality I can tell it will last a long time. and since it’s getting warmer I couldn’t be happier with my purchase! I highly recommend this pool!"

  • 4
    Fun in the sun!

    Posted by Jenny on May 2nd 2019

    "So excited with our new pool! Our family is so excited to try it. We built our pool in our back yard last weekend. Looking forward to filling it with water!! Summer here we come!! :)"

  • 5
    Great Set Ultra XTR

    Posted by Luz Castellanos on May 1st 2019

    "This pool set is awesome and easier to set up than I thought! Will definitely be enjoying this set this summer. "

  • 5
    18’ XTR Ultra frame pool

    Posted by Dawn on May 1st 2019

    "I ordered this pool for summertime and it’s huge, this will fit my son and all his friends for sure. the set up and instructions were pretty easy to follow and the pool is super heavy duty, great quality! "

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SKU: 26329EH

Weight: 276.98 LBS

Pool Shape: Round

Product Size: 18Ft X 52In

Pool Height: 48in or higher

Age Grading: 6+

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