11956, Solar Mat for 28685
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11956, Solar Mat for 28685

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Compatible with: 28685E

3-Ply Material
SKU: 11956
Weight: 4.62 LBS

11956, Solar Mat for 28685 Reviews

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Solar Mat

Posted by Jack on Jul 23rd 2019

I got the previous version of this mat and now I got this version to put in tandem with my previous one. This newer version does NOT come with the parts to connect up to the pump or to hoses. You need to also purchase 2 Elbow joints, 1 bypass valve, 3 clamps, and hose (with each mat you purchase). I have seen comments that the solar mat that it doesn't heat the pool enough. One mat was heating my 16x8x42 (2800gal) pool to about 88 degrees with the pump included. So, a good flow to the pump. When it was attached to my old pool and smaller pump it didn't heat the water as well. I want my pool more than 88 degrees so I got the second mat. Turns out we had a few cool days and I don't see a big difference adding the second mat, which is surprising. I also want to take my old pump and connected it to a garden hose to see if it will solar heat it as well. I haven't tried it yet but for the money (and using an existing hose) I will try it soon. (you need the $1.69 drain adapters and clamps) I happened to pick up a few and NOBODY else carries this part from what I can see.

I could change this to 5 stars if the pool heats up. But I got this to extend the swim season. I could change it to three stars if it doesn't work...

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