10253, Strainer Grid



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10253, Strainer Grid



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10253, Strainer Grid Reviews

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  • 5
    Part needed

    Posted by Cindy Pierce on Apr 3rd 2023

    "This is the part I need. Will it ever become available again or do I just need to purchase a whole new filter?"

  • 5
    10253 Large Strainer Grid

    Posted by Zeb on Jun 23rd 2022

    "I used these parts for my stock tank dipping pool. If you bought an Intex filter/pump that uses 1.5" hoses and came with the inlet fitting (back to pool after filter), but no outlet fitting (to filter from pool), THIS IS ONE OF THE PARTS YOU NEED. To finish the system, you need the following items: 2x Plunger Valve (10747) 1x Threaded Strainer Connector (10744) 1x Strainer Nut (10256) 1x Large Strainer Grid (10253) 1x Washer/O-Ring Kit for 1/5" Fittings (25076RP) Note: You can buy the 'Flat Strainer Rubber Washer (10255)' you need by itself for $2, but for $10 on the kit, you get two of them, plus two of each of the other washers and rings that are used in the plunger valves. As much as you pay for shipping, I consider it worth it to have backups for each on hand. With the pump, hoses, and inlet fitting, plus the parts list above, you'll have a complete set of plumping for your pool. Skip the high-priced Amazon kits that don't actually contain everything you need. Buy this stuff direct from Intex and save $$ and a headache. I placed an order on Monday and it shipped the next day and arrived on Thursday."

  • 5
    Strainer grid 10253

    Posted by Heather on Jun 7th 2021

    "Amazing! This is the actual large pool fitting that attached to part number 10744 to make the large pool suction/strainer part that is so very hard to find these days. It is made very well and built to last however please note it states on the part that it’s for use for one year. This is absolutely the large piece you have been looking for. It won’t tell the measurement in the description or specs so I wanted to let everyone know. The small pool strainer grid can screw onto the threaded strainer connection but only on the small inner ring and it is so much smaller you won’t get the same surface area in order to produce a good suction to truly circulate the pool water at a great rate. So glad to have found this! Price is amazing too especially in comparison to sellers on eBay who charge approx 15.00 plus tax and shipping for a part that cost me less than 4.00. Hope this helps someone in determining the best choice for a large pool strainer grid "

  • 5
    Perfect connection

    Posted by JJ on Jun 4th 2020

    "Bought this to stop leaves and larger items from getting thru to the pool filter. Works perfectly and screw right onto the output port. "

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