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Auto Pool Vacuum



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Auto Pool Cleaner is a hassle-free solution as it effectively vacuums the entire pool floor automatically. Not suitable for in-ground pools, this pool cleaner was designed for Intex above ground swimming pools with 1-1/2in hose fittings and attaches to the inlet connector in the pool with a 24ft 7in hose.

  • Requires a filter pump with a flow rate between 1,600 - 3,500 gph
  • Not suitable for in-ground pools.


WARNING: Reproductive Harm - BPA


Auto Pool Vacuum Reviews

(Based on 7 reviews)

  • 4
    Pool vac

    Posted by mbaker on Apr 10th 2022

    "I had two. Both kept getting sticks in the drive gears and caused it to go in only one direction. It trashed them for the new design which is much better."

  • 5
    Intex vacuum

    Posted by Sylvia Leritte on Mar 21st 2022

    "Have had mine now for about 3 years . It is wonderful! You just need to backwash your pool occasionally and let her go. We have always enjoyed an in ground pools until this last move, decided an above ground would be all we needed. The vacuum was a must at76 yrs old I just want to float not work. Thanks intex."

  • 2
    I am not impressed with this vacuum

    Posted by Rhonda Gil on Mar 24th 2021

    "I am not impressed with the Intex vacuum. I wanted to love it but it does not pick up much debris in my pool. It seems to just push most of the particles to the side of the pool. I let it run for 5 hours and still had debris all around the edges of the pool. The small particles get blown back up into the water and I have to catch them with my net. I bought a 15.00 manual vacuum that connects to my hose from Walmart that works way better than the intex vacuum. "

  • 3
    Valve orings

    Posted by Baker on Oct 6th 2019

    "The shuttle valve prongs do not last long in chlorine. They should be made of viton or silicon. The bot will only move in one direction when the seals fail."

  • 3
    Great product but

    Posted by Michael Orozco on Jul 19th 2019

    "This product works great but the dang net breaks all the time, they need to fix the design on that. Other than that it's a 5 star product "

  • 3
    Quit after a month

    Posted by Kristi Potts on Jul 12th 2019

    "Worked great when I got it, now when I hook it up, the flow slows way down as I'd the is a blockage but I have checked everything. My pump is a 2500gph and the pump works great when this cleaner is not attached. "

  • 5
    Auto Cleaner is the best unit i have seen on the market, and works Fandastic, my grandson plays with it lefting out of the water and shoots water 20to30 feet upwards.

    Posted by Jimmy Adams Sr. on Jun 1st 2019

    "Awesome Cleaner and the Best so far."

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