Magnetic LED Pool Light



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Magnetic LED Pool Light



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Ultimate in flexibility and can be attached to any sidewall in any location - and be easily moved to different parts of the pool for different lighting effects. If inner light unit becomes separated from the outer power source, it will automatically float to the surface for easy retrieval.

  • 110-120V LED light
  • Magnetic wall mounting system
  • Easily illuminates up to 24ft pools
  • Lights both inside and outside of the pool
  • Smooth changing multi-color
  • Switches for mode selection
  • Low electricity level, safe to use around pool and water


WARNING: Reproductive Harm - BPA


Magnetic LED Pool Light Reviews

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  • 4
    Cool light

    Posted by Kelly M on Jul 4th 2023

    "This is a very cool light. It shines both inside and outside the pool. Easy to install and move around. I am thinking about buying a few more. Only downside is lots of cords."

  • 4
    Timer turn on

    Posted by Cletus on May 4th 2023

    "Here I devised a hack to enable turn on with a timer. Arduino Nano, 7805, NPN Transistor and a few lines of code. emitter and collector across the light's "ON" button, base to Arduino pin 12. When the external timer comes on, the circuit waits 5-seconds after Arduino boot-up, and the NPN transistor electronically "taps" the on button 3 times. Works a peach (the three pulses ensures it turns on and goes to white light every time. The functionality of the original button is also preserved.: // A startup hack for Intex Pool Light: // Cletus Berkeley - April 2023 // Version 2.01 int NPN=12; // to NPN transistor base int onTime=400; int offTime=500; void setup() { // Code runs once on startup: delay (5000); //initial delay pinMode(NPN,OUTPUT); //First pulse (multicolor) digitalWrite(NPN, HIGH); //multicolor on delay (onTime); //delay digitalWrite(NPN, LOW); //idle delay (offTime); //delay // Second pulse (off) digitalWrite(NPN, HIGH); //off delay (onTime); //delay digitalWrite(NPN, LOW); //idle delay (offTime); //delay // Third pulse (WHITE) digitalWrite(NPN, HIGH); //white delay (onTime); //delay digitalWrite(NPN, LOW); //idle } void loop() { // Done : } "

  • 5
    Pool light

    Posted by Kathy on Jun 30th 2022

    "Way fun! Totally simple to set up and use. Love the intense colors in the water."

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