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Solar Shower

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Enjoy a refreshing shower while enjoying the outdoors. Whether you are taking a Swim, having fun at the Beach, or enjoying a camping trip, you will never miss a shower. The Index solar shower features lightweight while durable PVC material, with a sturdy handle and an on/off Valve for easy use and water conservation. Water is heated through solar energy within a few hours, and it stores enough water for multiple showers. It's an ideal product to take with you whenever you are having fun outdoors.

  • Holds 5 gallons - enough water for a small group
  • Heats up to 118 Degree, depending on weather and ambient conditions
  • Sturdy handle for easy carrying and hanging
  • On/off valve allows control of water flow
  • Size: 18.9in x 25.6in
3-Ply Material
SKU: 28052E
Weight: 1.42 LBS
Package Dimensions: 11.13in x 8.00in x 1.88in
Age Grading: Adult

Solar Shower Reviews

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Posted by Donnell Perkins Sr on Jun 24th 2020

Great concept and water gets warm but don’t look for a lot of pressure, it literally drips out by does the job. I use it to rinse off feet and wash hands most fo the time. Haven’t had the chance to have someone rinse off with it yet.

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